Chrissy’s Kitchen strives to make every meal one to remember. Chrissy has always been passionate about food, and growing up in a large Swedish/Greek family meant that food and events have always been a huge part of her life. After completing her university studies Chrissy spent three years in London organising and managing events for some of the most recognised names in the charity sector. A hugely influential time in her life, this experience fanned the flame of setting up her own business, and after qualifying from the world-renowned Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland, Chrissy’s Kitchen was born.

Chrissy grew up with food all around her, and drawing on her wide range of influences and knowledge of the culinary arts allows her to make each mouthful as unique and unusual as the next.


All too familiar with the struggles of deciding what to eat when a wide choice is provided, Chrissy’s robust and varied selection of canapés means that her guests (or clients/customers) never have to. A true believer that every meal should be one to remember, Chrissy channels her passion for cooking into all of her creations, and recognises her unique Greek/Swedish heritage in the quality food that she provides.

Though her passion for food began in 1991, it was Chrissy’s experience in planning and managing events for charities that inspired her to make her dream a reality and branch out on her own. Building on her existing knowledge and culinary prowess, Chrissy graduated from the acclaimed Ballymaloe Cookery School, and on returning to London, founded Chrissy’s Kitchen as we know it today.

The ethos of Chrissy’s Kitchen is just as important as the taste of our food, and in combining her love of cooking with her event planning skills, Chrissy is able to alleviate all gastronomic pressures and take the stress out of entertaining.



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West London Living- June 2020

The Resident – June 2020

Conde Nast Traveller November 2018


From bespoke menu’s to canapé creations to the ever so easy ‘drop-off’ dinners. We can help with whatever event you are planning.


Chrissy’s Kitchen provides environmentally conscious services that add minimal harm to the natural environment and all living things.


Enjoy images of our food, recent events and even sneak into the behind the scenes goings on in Chrissy’s Kitchen.

Christmas at Home with Chrissy’s Kitchen 


Christmas Gift Boxes are available now to pre-order!

Available for delivery throughout December these are the perfect way to thank your friends, family, colleagues or clients for a difficult year.

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